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A Big Welcome to Anders Nekstad


From August 2016 Anders will be practising in Banchory Chiropractic Clinic and we have invited him to be our Guest Feature by telling us all a bit more about himself.

Anders moved from Norway to Cardiff (Wales) in 2012 to start a chiropractic degree.  After graduation he moved to Aberdeenshire with his fiancé because they both wanted a new adventure and a good opportunity to start up after university. As they had both graduated as chiropractors this year, it was an ideal time to come here to start a new adventure in Scotland.

For as long as he has been standing on two feet, Anders has been skiing as well and have done so until this day.

Anders started kayaking when he was 13 just to try it and after a couple of times going kayaking, he started liking it more and more.  It was something about the quietness when being out on the water, the wildlife you only see from afar and the opportunity to push himself to the limit that drew him towards kayaking. After a year, he decided to start training enough to compete and he got better.

The biggest challenge was actually to find the balance in the thinner boats so that he would go faster (they’re only 40cm at the thickest).  As he progressed, there was also a demand to train more. At most, he did about 2-3 sessions per day and his training varied between 18 and 28 hours per week depending on the season as it is impossible to kayak in Norway during the winter due to the ice.  The reason why he participated in the kayak marathon was because he was challenged by his coach/fellow kayaker as he was a short distance kayaker and he was a marathon kayaker.  Anders accepted the challenge and went through 120km of Danish lakes and slow running rivers. The race is called Tour de Gudenaa and goes from Skandeborg to Randers and takes about 11 hours to finish if holding a decent pace.

He is excited about getting in touch with any clubs in the area that does flatwater kayaking (if there are any) to get back on the waters again.

He has previous experience in personal training, coaching both adults and children.  Anders was part of Asker skiklubb, which is Norway’s biggest sports club and they were also the ones he did most of his coaching for.  Before he went to university, he was both a coach in kayaking and skiing, and skiing instructor for kids for 5 years. Anders has also completed a sports taping and dry needling course. As well as sports chiropractic, Anders has an interest in treating paediatric and pregnant patients for which he has attended extra courses. From August 2016 he will be practicing in Banchory chiropractic clinic and is hoping to be a great help to the people in the area.

About sports taping: The tape is an elastic tape, designed to lift the skin and tissues underneath the skin to promote circulation/blood flow and thereby making more room for a muscle to move. If any damage or inflammation is in the area, it helps drain the area of accumulated fluid (which will contain waste products as a result of the healing process). Lots of research is being done on how these tapes actually work and there are many benefits including less pain. In many cases it can also be used to improve posture as the tape itself makes the user more aware of their body position. The stretch applied to the tape can also help signal people when they are slipping into bad postures.

About dry needling: Dry needling  is the western medicine’s version of acupuncture and instead of following the same traditional eastern acupuncture points.  It is more based on western medicine and needles are put more straight into the tender area or surrounding connected areas. Most people may ache a little bit during or after the treatment and most people experience a good relief in the muscle that has had needles in them. The needles can also be used to aid the treatment of joint problems as they often have a muscular component to it.


Exercises for you

If Anders could recommend any exercises (not so much for pain relief, but pain prevention and postural improvement).  He would recommend two exercises for neck/upper back pain called Bruegger’s Break and The Hummingbird.

The Bruegger’s Break:

The Bruegger’s Break, also known as the Bruegger’s relief position is an exercise that is brilliant for desk workers as helps to reverses the results of sitting at a desk for long periods of time. This is a simple and quick exercise and is easy to perform. When performed regularly it can really help with improving your posture.

download (2)

Here is how to perform it:

  • Sit forwards onto the front edge of your seat
  • Spread your legs out to 45 degrees each side and lean forward slightly so that your body weight is distributed in to your feet as well as your back.
  • Extend your arms and then pull them back and down behind your body with your thumbs turned outwards and palms open.
  • Tuck your chin straight back in to your chin (essentially giving  your self a double chin)
  • Push you chest forwards
  • Take a deep breath in… then out, as you are breathing out push your chest even further forwards, remember to keep your hands back and to the sides behind you.
  • Hold the out breath for 10 seconds and then return to work.
  • Set a timer or write yourself a post it note reminder for on your computer so that every 20 minutes it can be performed.

It only takes 10 seconds and it will improve your posture, decrease your chance of back pain and aid any on-going treatment you are currently receiving.

The Hummingbird:

  • Stand up tall and straight. Put your arms out to the side with your palms facing up, whilst pulling your shoulders together in the back.
  • Make small backward circles with your hands and arms.
  • Bend at your waist from side to side while you keep the circles going.
  • Keep it going while you count to 10.

Both of these exercises are are great for straightening up the spine after a long day at work and works all those postural muscles that are inactive when sitting i.e. in front of a computer all day.


Close-up Of Young Businesswoman On Chair Having Backpain In Office

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