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Guest Feature – Susanne Grant Birth Preparation and Healing Coach



When Susanne was pregnant, her past experiences of child abuse put her on a different road of care from her team of midwives. Her birth gave her a new mission in life and she is now working with women all around the world to help them to get their own positive birth experience. Statistics show that around 6% of all women develop PTSD because of their birth experience and about 40% would describe their birth as a negative experience. Susanne refuses to accept these numbers and she will do anything in her power to change this for the women in her life.

Susanne discovered hypnobirthing during her own pregnancy. It was like a whole new world that suddenly opened its doors for her. Hypnobirthing is a technique used to allow you to enter a natural state of relaxation (which hypnoses helps you with). This state is no different from one you’re in many times every day. Have you ever driven to a familiar destination on autopilot, or wondered where you put your keys when you came home? When our minds are in a natural state of relaxation, we do routine things without consciously thinking about it. This is the same ‘trick’ you can use during labour with hypnobirthing.

In May 2014 Susanne gave birth to her lovely little girl, Hannah, using the hypnobirthing techniques. It was a wonderful and powerful experience. It was so amazing she decided to become a hypnobirthing teacher so she could share this knowledge with women around her who deserve, just like her, this option for their birth experiences.

If you’re expecting a baby, your due date is probably looming large in your mind. Maybe you’ve already packed your hospital bag, and chosen the first clothes your new baby will wear. And you’ve certainly wondered what type of birth you’ll have. But have you fully researched your options to ensure you are completely prepared? Research shows that a mother, who is well prepared for birth, is more likely to have a smoother labour. The birth preparation course Susanne teaches not only equips you with the birthing information, but uniquely gives you the knowledge to understand your options and the implications of the choices you make. As well as teaching you the hypnobirthing techniques you need for a positive birth, it gives you the information to navigate the system in which you find yourself to achieve the best outcome for you and your baby.

Susanne’s goal of ‘positive birth for everyone’ is truly inspirational and more information on her work can be found here.

Felicity Rogers

Felicity graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in 2007 upon completion of a BSC degree in Chiropractic and has been working as a Chiropractor in the UK for over 7 years.

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