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Health Shop

Health Shop

We have spent time searching the market for the very best products that we feel will aid in your health and wellbeing.

 Eskimo-3 250 Caps – £26.50

eskimo 3
Eskimo®-3 is a pure and fresh fish oil, which provides a healthy source of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in their naturally present concentrations. EPA and DHA contribute to the normal function of the heart, and DHA supports normal brain function and vision.

Vitamin D3 Drops 1000 30ml – £10.00

Vitamin D

D3 Drops 1000 is a liquid vitamin D formula that allows convenient, flexible dosing. Each single drop provides 1000 IU of the preferred form of vitamin D, cholecalciferol.

Enzyme Pforesis Ice – £15.00

Enzyme Pforesis Ice

A natural anti-inflammatory gel, to be used like ibuleve gel or general muscle massage.

DrGraeme General Purpose Massager – £45.00



The Deep Tissue Massager is excellent for specific focussed massage such as trigger point therapy or accupressure, and is a very high quality economical alternative if you don’t mind massaging smaller areas at once.  The General Purpose massage is more powerful. It massages deep every bit as well as the Deep Tissue Massage, and does other things better. For a little bit extra it is a great choice.  Click here to view more details on the product.

Baby probiotics – £15.00

biogala probiotic drops


These have a wide range of benefits for your child click here to see more details.

Adult probiotics – £25.00

ND Capsules

Non-dairy Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and Bifidobacterium lactis Formula

Ultra Probioplex™ ND Capsules are a non-dairy probiotic supplement featuring highly viable pure strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus (NCFM™ strain) and Bifidobacterium lactis in convenient vegetarian capsule form. Ultra Probioplex™ ND Capsules also feature vitamin D which contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Re-usable NAQI Cold-Hot Pack – £6.00

naqi pack


Re-usable NAQI Cold-Hot Pack for lasting pain relief. Pharmaceutical quality. Thanks to its flexible shape, the NAQI Cold-Hot Pack moulds itself easily to the affected part of the body.

These items are available to purchase at the Clinic.  Should you have any questions please call us on 01330 826511 or email

Please note that all of the prices quoted are correct at January 2016 and are subject to change.


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