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Keeping a Healthy Spine in the Digital Age

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With the way the world becomes more and more digital, we’re are spending a lot more time in front of TVs, computers, laptops, or on phones and tablets. Younger generations are growing up with these devices, spending hours glued to these screens. The rest of us are likely to be stuck at a work desk in front of a computer. Unfortunately, the posture we adopt whilst doing this gets worse and worse the longer we spend “plugged in”. The shoulders start to round and hike up, the neck’s natural curvature becomes more defined, increasing the tension in the back of the head and neck and over the top of the shoulders.  This usually leads to discomfort, pain, referred pain and then headaches, pins and needles and in our experience ear problems and dizziness.

Close-up Of Young Businesswoman On Chair Having Backpain In Office

Most of us find it difficult to switch off from technology, which is why we have put together some tips on how to keep your spine happy while still connected:

  • Set an alarm: every 45 mins to an hour, set an alarm which makes you get up from your seat. Even if it’s to get a cup of tea or nip to the loo, just get up and move around. This will release the muscles after being under a consistent load.
  • If there’s no chance to get up from the desk, then a good stretch is to:
  • Tuck your feet under your seat.
  • Hold your hands out with the palms facing forward
  • Bring the arms behind you so that the palms are facing away from each other behind your back
  • Tilt the head back and hold that position for 10-20 seconds

Whilst you are not at your computer think about balancing out all that time spent motionless in front of the screen with some exercise!  Get away from your computer!  If whatever you are doing on your computer/laptop/tablet is not essential – PUT IT DOWN and go for a walk.

If you are suffering with any pain or discomfort which is aggravated by desk work or prolonged sitting – please contact us on 01330 824040 for a postural assessment and full examination.

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Felicity Rogers

Felicity graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in 2007 upon completion of a BSC degree in Chiropractic and has been working as a Chiropractor in the UK for over 7 years.

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