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The Bottom Line – The Importance of Gluteal Muscles

gluteal bridge

The importance of gluteal muscles.

Did you know that we have 3 sets of gluteal muscles?  We have Gluteus Maximus (the big one!) but we also have 2 sets of smaller glute muscles; Gluteus Minimus and Gluteus Medius.  These lesser-known muscles are just as important, and keeping them strong may improve long term lower back issues.

These muscles should be activated for nearly every movement involving the lower half of your body, however it is our experience that many people are not using these muscles correctly, or indeed using them at all!  This happens for a variety of reasons – mostly due to poor posture and prolonged sitting!

When these muscles do not get used properly they can become tight and sore – which makes them weak.  Weak glutes can then cause your body to perform weight-bearing movements (such as squatting, bending forward and lifting) using your smaller, less able and more sensitive lower back muscles.

The poor lower back muscles then finally give in and this is usually when patients come into clinic with lower back pain.  Sometimes the pain is caused by the lower back muscles themselves, but often something a little more serious has happened – the muscles could no longer protect the vertebral joints and discs and the patient has a joint sprain or even worse – a damaged disc.

To avoid this happening you must exercise the glute muscles correctly.  The easiest and probably safest way to do this is to perform an exercise known as the bridge.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to perform a bridge correctly courtesy of Dr.Kevin Jardine:

Our chiropractors are fully trained to check the strength of your core muscles and can provide you with exercises tailored to your specific requirements.  If you would like to make an appointment or would like to discuss a particular problem with a chiropractor please email us at or call us on 01330 826511.  Alternatively drop us a line through our contact page and we will get back to you ASAP.

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