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The Importance of the address position of the golf swing – by Paul Lawrie


Many amateur golfers may never be able to replicate the swing positions which the likes of Rory McIlroy, Paul Lawrie and recent US Open Champion Dustin Johnson make look so simple. However, there is one technical aspect which can be reproduced comparable with the world’s best; the address position.

Stance and posture plays a vital role in preparing a golfer to move efficiently throughout the swing. A poor address position will cause incorrect movement patterns during the golf swing. There are two major influences which are derived from a weak address position which almost will always cause inconsistency of strike and a reduction in clubhead speed.

Inconsistency of Strike
If you’re a golfer who struggles with consistently hitting the ball out the middle of the clubface, it may be due to incorrect posture. A neutral address position allows golfers to establish and maintain balance throughout the swing which is a fundamental requirement if the ball is to be struck consistently out the middle of the club. Poor posture can impact upon other factors within the swing for example ball position. If the ball is too far away or too close to the golfer it will be difficult to achieve optimal strikes.

Reduction in clubhead speed
A reduction in clubhead speed will generally mean a loss of distance which no golfer would like to lose. Through establishing a neutral posture at address it allows the golfer to engage the correct muscles to generate maximal power. Correct posture also allows golfers to rotate more efficiently which again allows for higher clubhead speed production.

5 Step Guide to creating an ideal posture

  1. Take your normal hold of the golf club
  2. Stand tall holding the club horizontally away from the body
  3. Bend forward from the hips until the club almost touches the floor, keeping the back straight
  4. Flex the knees to allow the clubhead to rest onto the ground
  5. Both arms remain straight but relaxed


The ideal posture is dependent upon a number of factors including type of club being used, the desired ball flight and lie of the ball. However, this 5 step guide will help set the foundations for a correct posture position to help improve the quality of strike and increase clubhead speed.

Injury Prevention
Often suffer from a sore or stiff back after practicing or playing a round of golf?
This could be caused due to poor posture at address. The average male golfer swings his driver at 86mph. Incorrect posture at the address position can cause the force of the golf swing to put extreme amount of stress on the wrong areas of the body leading to injury. One of the most commonly diagnosed postural problems is known as C-posture. This occurs when the upper back is too rounded and can be caused by multiple factors including sitting at a desk typing on computer all day. This muscular imbalance problem is just one of many that can increase the chances of injury when playing golf.
By having a good posture at address this lowers the likelihood of injury for all levels of golfers.

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