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What we’ve been up to in June

Archie grandpa

Felicity’s month

Felicity joined Laura and Anders at the Banchory River Festival, where they helped spread the good word of chiropractic care and also got a taster of some yoga, pilates, tai chi and dancing! Do you have an event where you would like to see our team? We love to promote ourselves and need lots of excuses to play with the new (fully windproof) gazebo!

The last little while has seen Felicity gearing up for her long-awaited return to “proper” work. Penny enjoyed her first week at nursery and doesn’t seem to have suffered any emotional trauma so far! She has also proven that she WILL take a bottle of expressed milk, so a night out is being planned ASAP. She is enjoying her solid food and is VERY mobile, trying to keep up with her big brother!

Felicity will be available for appointments on a Thursday morning, starting this week (6 th July) with the hope to increase these hours over time. Thank you to all of our lovely patients who have been patiently waiting for her return! She is looking forward to getting back to work and catching up with everyone who she hasn’t seen for so many months!

Family time has been well spent these last few weeks; the Crone family decided to take up camping to try and make the most of this beautiful weather. They didn’t venture any further than the grandparent’s back garden but it was camping nonetheless!

Professionally Felicity has been very busy with baby clinic and taught paediatrics and breastfeeding at a seminar in Dundee in June. She is hoping to work towards becoming a Lactation Consultant in the later half of the year.


Laura’s Month

It’s been a particularly full on couple of months for Laura with work being her main focus, the clinic has been as busy as ever now the nicer weather is more frequent and the horse side has been building exponentially! Not content with being hard at work during the week, she also joined Felicity at the Deeside Pipeband Competition in Banchory where they had a great day meeting loads of people and giving some of the competitors a taster of how Chiropractic can help them. We were so lucky with the weather, and only had to hang on to the gazebo a handful of times as the wind picked up! Unfortunately we weren’t so lucky at the Banchory River Festival, but it was a good turn out and it was a fab day despite the drizzle!
 Other than that, Laura has managed to sneak an afternoon or evening here and there for a trip to the theatre and meals out with friends. She also attended a charity ride at Balmoral Estate for the World Horse Welfare, which was such a fantastic day and hopefully raised a lot of money for the much loved charity.

Anders’ Month

The last couple of months have been busy for Anders both in and out of the clinic. He has started examining and treating babies with a bit of supervision from Felicity which is very exciting. Tis has also been his busiest month ever with appointments.

While Felicity and Laura were working at the pipe band championships, Anders’ spent the weekend with friends in Edinburgh where they ran a 5km inflatable obstacle course as a part of their charity fundraising. The rain made the course super slippery giving Anders and his friends a great laugh as they ran. They are now well over 500km towards their goal of 1000km (more information can be found here: Unfortunately their car broke down on the way home, so Anders had to take the bus to work a few days but it’s back on top form now.

The next week Anders’ had another trip to Shetland, where the weather was really good and he had lots of nice walks around the area outside Lerwick. Unfortunately he did not get to celebrate 17th of May in Aberdeen this year as he was on my way up north. 17th of may is the Norwegian constitution day/national day. It is tradition for children to parade in the streets with marching bands playing music. Aberdeen has a large Norwegian community and they celebrate this day every year with many wearing  the traditional outfit, a bunad. The style of each bunad depends on where each family has their roots.

This photo is taken in Oslo where all the children are parading towards the royal palace on Karl Johan street in the city centre.

After such a busy time, Anders returned to clinic to see as many patients as possible before his next holiday in June for some downtime.

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Felicity Rogers

Felicity graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in 2007 upon completion of a BSC degree in Chiropractic and has been working as a Chiropractor in the UK for over 7 years.

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